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Full Moon Party

Recorded live in the “Full Moon Party” at Maldives Islands By Dezarate


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House Music Will Never Die 2

House Music Will Never Die 2

The Ultimate House Music Selection to have, to Enjoy and to always keep with you.!
The Groove Society / Sony Music

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TGS / Sony Music ME on Beatport

10  New releases this week with
TGS & TGP / Sony Music Entertainment on Beatport
Congratulations to all our artists
Dezarate, Dee Marcus, D.J. Pierre Feroldi, Chris Gekä,  Amrick Channa,Frankstar, Alvaro Gonzalez, Joel Pasco, Inked Shoes, Frankie Volo, FDF Italy, Dany Cohiba, Bilber, Alvaro Ager, Egobrian

Beatport Sony Music Entertainment



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Find Your Soul – The Official Radio Show By The Groove Society

Find Your Soul, The Radio Show of The Groove Society is back every month. Mixed by Dezarate and friends, your journey will take you from Balearics Chill to melodic Deep House beats. Let us help to Find your Soul


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Dezarate @ Maldives

LAAMU, Maldives – Our honchos Label “Dj Dezarate” will be giving an electronic vibe to the chill out mood at Chill Bar from January 27 to April 22, 2015. His diverse sounds create an elegant atmosphere, which blends perfectly with the incandescence of Maldivian sunsets.

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Pioneer DJ & The Groove Society

The Groove Society in association with Pioneer DJ present DUBAI GROOVE.

Digital / CD compilation mixed by Dezarate & DJ PP

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