Victor Gonzalez

Victor Gonzalez


DJ and music producer with extensive experience: almost 20 year career as a DJ and over fifty songs produced.
His first contact with the world of DJing occurs in the mid-80s, with home-made mixes and megamixes classics of the era. In 1992, at the age of 15 and already after a few years of self-taught, he began working as second DJ in a club. From then until now has accumulated many residences, which currently gives it a musical background and significant experience.
Eclectic, restless and versatile musically, his influences are many and go through a multitude of styles, artists and producers. This fact manifests almost inevitably both their sets and musical productions.
We can find his work in over twenty compilations, some as prestigious as the world famous Café del Mar; along with others such as Space Ibiza Tranquil, Republica Café, Chill Out Café, Oxigen Flaix FM, Ibiza Balearic Chill, Chill Out Essentials, Matinee Lounge, … has produced several albums for other artisys and has also remixed many other, some very prominent in the Spanish music scene, including: Fundación Tony Manero, André Vicenzzo, Marc Puig, Mar Abella, Jerry Ropero, Narany, Almadrava.
He currently specializes in DJing and producing styles such as Lounge, Chill Out, Nu Disco, Soulful House and Deep House. Although his versatility also allows him to work in other different projects. He is currently producing a Pop -Soul album for one of the contestants in the spanish edition of the program “The Voice” 2013.
Also he is part of the band “Deep State of Mind”, formed by him and the Dj/Producer Basi De La Fuente. They produce tracks with a significant “Balearic Beat” influence.
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The artist

Nationality: Spain

Resident in: Blanes