Serge Armon

Serge Armon


Music has always been a part of his life and now he is making progress and getting recognition by both his local and international territory.
As a young kid inspired by rock and heavy metal bands like Iron Maiden, Faith No More, Deep Purple and the like and being at the same time a big fan of electronic music he finally found his strong desire to put these cores together. 
As a result THE CODE single has appeared – the unforgettable symbiosis of the genres, the one which catches from the very first sounds.
When producing a track Serge Armon has got his own genius in combining a touchy melody with a groovy drop. He says: “A good melody touches your soul, a cool groovy drop catches your body. What else do we need to feel good?” And people answer in the affirmative to this philosophy dancing and jumping in the clubs to his energetic sets.


Agency: The Groove Society Agency

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The artist

Nationality: Russia

Resident in: kiev