Nick Lindahl

Nick Lindahl


Nick Lindahl is a young, talented DJ, living in Stuttgart / Germany.

From childhood, Nick dealt with music and melodies of various kinds – from piano to guitar, he played almost every instrument.

At the age of 14 years, Nick discovered his dear to electronic music and starts to produce his own music.

His Feeling led the right track selection and his technical skills make him one of the most sought after DJs in Germany.

The year 2014 was crazy for the young DJ with many Releases and Gigs around the World. He is “so thankful for all the amazing and outstandig support” he told us, that everthing seems that a big dream can come true!

The year 2015 seems promising for the young and personable DJ, as new label contracts can already be concluded.

Nick is really productive at the moment in the studio producing new stuff for us all, that we can be excited what is coming next! “I have 4-5 Tracks totally finished and ready to release”, he said a few days

ago. We are really looking forward what is coming next!

But one thing is sure: Nick is definitely a DJ to watch in the future!


Agency: The Groove Society Agency

Email: Book Now!

The artist

Nationality: Germany

Resident in: Stuttgart