Alfredo P. Marquez a.k.a LOCADISCO was born in Barcelona where he started his professional career towards the end of the 90s in the best clubs from Costa Brava – Lloret de Mar -such as; (Moef-Gaga, Bumpers, Xtra, or St.Trop), he was afortunated to share sereval nights with top djs, like; Marco V, Tiestö or Dj Jean, also at the end of the 98´s he was invited to play at Theatre Scape (Amsterdam). At the same year he gets the opportunity to play in Ibiza, at Space, one of the best clubs in the world and to share one night with dj´s like; Steve Lawler, Daniel Klein or Joe T.Vanelli , in The Clan Party.. In June of 2000 he moves in Miami (usa), he plays at Vivid, Beds, and Blue at Hollywood boulevard in South Beach. At that time the electronic music was merging, and the experience of work in Miami, influenced positively his career.
After his experience in America in 2001 he comes back to Europe and decides to travel to London. Lives there for six months, playing at some parties, and buys a lot of music and absorbes the whole club movement, visiting Ministry of Sound and Smartie Partie´s With the experience and suitcase full of music he goes back to Barcelona and plays in one of the best clubs in town El Cel Group’s , with monthly residency different nights.

The contacts are accumulated during those years and he starts contacting different agencies, promoters and International Managers to keep growing as a DJ, and finally, from 2002 to 2004 he joins the Italian DJ Agency Key Note Multimedia, based in Rome. During those years he lives in Ibiza at summers and whe spends the winters in Barcelona. At that time he gets the opportunity to play in many cities in Spain and around Europe, like; La Terrrazza (Barcelona), Energy (Granada), Zona Limite (Pamplona), KU (Benidorm), D-sade (Milan), XXL (Zurich), Prestige (Bern)
il Pacha (Palermo), Le Nitro (Montpellier) or La Mania-Mamaia (Romania).
In the beginning of his musical career, he has also used other names. All those sessions made under the name of Freddy Marquez, another of his pseudonyms.
After several years interested in music production, in 2004 he founded his recording studio and music production company called APM Productions, which also records & produces songs for other DJs and Partners worldwide.
Some of these productions and vocals made and recorded at his recording studio, have been licenced on record labels and included in different compilations such as Warner Music (Spain), Blanco y Negro, The Groove Society(Dubai), Clipper’s Sounds, and compilations like Juicy Ibiza 2014(Juicy music), Pioneer The Album Vol.13, Maxima FM compilation 2011, Flaix FM Summer compilation 2011, etc.. From his studio he begins producing different House music tracks in all its forms, even some chill music under Freddy´s name. From 2008 to 2010 climbing in to the beatport charts (2, 4, 10, 33) House &, Progressive House, with songs such as:, Are You Gonna Go , Money for Nothing, Can not Stop, or Sambalalele …
The ability to work with different styles and the importance that he gives to vocal songs on his music, leads him to think about organizating better his music career. On 2010, he thinks about creating the pseudonym Locadisco, which is more focused to progressive music and centrated on the evolution of new Pop/Dance music market.

From his studio APM Productions he has achieved some important goals; I Want you, his first job as Locadisco whas song of the week in the program WDM, in the most listened top 40 radio in Spain(Los 40 Principales), with more than 2.000.000 daily listeners. Another project called Yellow Wolf, was made for a Spanish produccer and it climbed up to #33 on Maxima FM radio 51 chart (the most listened electronic music radio in Spain) with the record label Warner Music (Spain), which remained 12 weeks on chart. Also, his last work Sober was released in the Middle East with the record lable The Groove Society (Dubai), with good feedbacks and spectations.

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Agency: The Groove Society Agency

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The artist

Nationality: Spain

Resident in: Barcelona