Jerry Ropero

Jerry Ropero


Jerry Ropero Bio:
Since we all hate reading long biographies, in which ar4sts explain how nice it was to spin
at the age of 7 at his parents house in the living room for 3 classmates… we have decided
to keep it short , but funny!
Jerry Ropero has released so many tracks in his 25 years long career, that he can not even
remember the actual quan4ty , so please, Google him!
He has also done so many remixes, that on some occasions he bought great tracks which
at the end happened to be tracks that he did himself, so beGer go on Youtube and just type
his name in!
Jerry is very special indeed, he is not only very much loved by his haters, but also admired
by his fans as you can see on his Facebook page! But for sure, some of you know him thanks to his hits (of course, we would never write his
”Flops”) like “Coracao”, “Fuck u”, “Canta” , “Get down” with his alter ego Avantgarde, and
his longterm membership with Natural Born Grooves (NBG)!
He has also been in the studio with all the big names in the business as well as the self
called big names! He has been there, done all that and got the “T-shirt”!
Axwell, Tiesto, Van Buuren, Roger Sanchez, Erick Morillo, Eddy Cabrera,…they all have
had something to do with Mr. Ropero!
But not only from the produc4on or remix side, audiences have been well impressed by
him through his Dj skills!
Why? He toured around the world, played at the best clubs and fes4vals possible, he
belongs to the Top 40 Best DJs of this planet, although he does nothing special!

No scratches, no 7 turntables at the same 4me, no bootlegs mixed with mash ups and acapellaʼs…no…we all know, its just because he is, as he calls himself, a pure entertainer! A musical entertainer!
Of course, he also takes 4me to relax while he is working, to sleep while he is producing and to travel while he stays at home! Indeed,
Jerry Ropero is a normal guy…!
And in the mean4me, he even spends 4me working out new formulas to help people, like his coopera4ons with Thailandʼs number 1
charity founda4on which helps kids out of sexual violence and pros4tu4on!
Nevertheless, as he is a real musician, who also composes, produces, mixes and masters his own songs, not buying tracks from cowboy
producers and behaving like other muppets, he is working at the present 4me on his greatest hits album.
Knowing that Jerry wonʼt do the same boring re-warmed up remixes of all his hits, no, he is going beyond all expecta4ons: Every hit
single, but in either a Jazz, Bossa Nova or a Funk version!


Agency: The Groove Society Agency

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The artist

Nationality: Spain

Resident in: Germany