Eddy Beneteau

Eddy Beneteau


Eddy Beneteau is overall a complete artist; main Dj, Producer and creator of Supalife Records in 2009, the originality of his sounds allowed him to work with ProducerLoops for whom he creates high quality sample pack series. His musical style and the quality of the sound he makes are supported by some of the greatest specialized webzines and magazines such as ComputerMAgazine, Future Music Magazine, Electronic Musician or the blog Rekkerd.org, which are very talkative about his work.

Lenny Dee (industrial strength Records) is recognized as one of the world’s earliest House and Breakbeat pioneers. About a SupalifeRecords pack he will say:

“When I demoed the pack, the beats sounded so dope I had to drop them into my production that I was working on that day. The breaks I used really took the production up a notch. They were well cut, totally user friendly, and they just sounded great! The pack had so many great bits to use, it was tuff to choose what I wanted to mangle first. If I had to sum this pack up in two words, it would be “Must Have”.

Eddy does not only creates soundbanks, he spent the last decade composing many club and dance floor titles, signed up on international labels and played all over the world by radio stations.

His tracks are supported by renowned artists such as :

Larry Tee (Ultra), Andy Moor (Armada Music), Filth & Splendour (Cr2, Ministry, Plastica), David Forbes (Armada Music, AVA Blue), Cevin Fisher (Cr2 Records, Toolroom Records), ABX Starjackers (Southern Fried, Cr2 Records), Tyler Stadius (Fabric, Nordic Trax), Marc Leaf (Uber Digital Records, Cr2 Records), Cellec (Owano-music, Spinnin Records), D.O.N.S (Kingdom Cuts, Pacha Recordings, Cr2 Records, Ultra), Greg Churchill (Aural TRash, Move To Trash, Toolroom Records), Flash Brothers (Armada music, Cr2, Agnosia Records), Laurent Schark (Spinnin Records, Ambassade Records (Pool E Music), Darrel Foy (KandiFunk, Ministry Of Sound), Boomrock Saints & Mephisto Odyssey…

Some of his tracks kindled the interest of many media professionals so well that they have been put in many supports such as the medium-length movie “Do you believe in rapture” (Emilie Aussel), commercials for Danone and Nike or even sportive events DVD’s like “Urban life style” (Rossignol), some of them up to 200.000 copies.

The year 2012 is a turning point for Eddy and his most ambitious project, to turn Supalife into a serious competitor on the Dancefloor scene, and he integrates artists such as Khalid Filali (De La Soul’s producer), Lightness and Stormtracker to form his first team.

The same year, singers Ina Escobar and Selita The Consultant from Atlanta, USA, agreed with him about the collaboration on a couple of exclusive tracks.

“I am back to work and hope our paths cross soon.” Eddy
History is yet to be written


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Nationality: France

Resident in: Nimes